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serving you since 2008

The dawn breaks on the beautiful blue sea of Venice Beach. You’ve just arrived on the shoreline after a satisfying morning surf. What’s the first thing you want to do? Bellissimo Venice began 14 years ago to embrace the Venice culture and provide hospitality for our early morning, active residents. We didn’t wish to offer just a standard cup of coffee; we wanted to cater to the real needs of our locals.

We wanted to provide food and beverages that capped off a perfect morning every day, a mantra that our locals have come to love over a decade and business. Our little outlet began as the first cozy outlet to offer organic, natural, vegan, and vegetarian options in a homely environment. Today, we’ve grown into one of Venice Beach’s premium establishments, where anyone in the know understands where to get their delicious bagel or soul-soothing cup of coffee.

So what makes Bellissimo the thriving location embedded in the Venice culture? It's our mission, vision, and set of values!