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Ronen and Antonia’s success story

Behind every excellent establishment are founders with passion and dedication to the local community. That story has driven Bellissimo’s success for over a decade, starting with Ronen and Antonia in 2008. Their unique understanding of what makes magnificent hospitality has served Venice Beach well all these years.

With an educational background in agriculture, Ronen started developing the idea of a cafe that served organic foods and beverages as local demand for more quality cuisine emerged. His partner Antonia embraced the idea of being able to offer their beloved community a single location. It was to be a cafe that served meals that aligned with the diverse cultural melting pot that was Venice Beach.

They’d serve foods and drinks that integrated their educational, culinary, and well-traveled backgrounds. All poured into a cafe and deli with the single aim of a happy, healthy establishment for the Venice Beach community. Their carefully curated Italian Jewish Mediterranean Southern California menu was an instant hit, where the founders built an environment fusing cultural values and global flavors.

Ronen and Antonia’s success story with Bellissimo continues to inspire other local small businesses, often stopping in for advice on how to get started and create something invaluable to the community. An establishment is a magnificent place brought to life by two extraordinary people who show no signs of slowing down in innovating and providing for their customers.